Saturday Night Live sends up Joker with ‘Grouch’ parody

Grouch - Parody - SNL - Thumbnail

What happens when one man is just pushed too far? When society has turned on him, and what little bit of sanity he clings to is broken?

He becomes one with the garbage of the world, he becomes… Grouch.

The most recent episode of Saturday Night Live parodied Joker with its own take on a dark and gritty Sesame Street where Oscar – played by host David Harbour – is a garbage collector who can just no longer deal with the world and he transforms into Grouch.

(our apologies, but the video is geo-locked from some countries. We are looking for an unlocked version)

As parodies go, we enjoyed it. Namely for Bert and Ernie being realized as horrifying real people.

Joker is currently playing in theaters.