Joker wins a second weekend at the box office with $55 million

Joker had a great second weekend at the box office. It took in $55 million, dropping only 43% from its opening weekend. Anything less than a 50% drop from an opening weekend is considered very healthy, so it looks as though Joker is going to have some lets.

The new domestic total is $192.72 million. Foreign box office totals sit at $351 million for a new global total of $544 million.

With a reported budget of $55 million, Joker is definitely in profit by now. Typically a film is considered profitable once it has doubled its budget to account for marketing budgets as well.

As of Saturday, according to Box Office Mojo, Joker is outpacing Logan. Through the eight-day mark, the Clown Prince of Comedy stood at $154.72 million compared to the mutant berserker’s $125.17 million. Logan finished its domestic run with $226.27 million and $619.02 million globally. These movies are not one-for-one on how Joker will do, but it at least gives us some potential guideposts.

What will the final gross for Joker? That’s a good question as of now due to the unusual health of this second weekend. The competition for the third weekend is a bit more intense with the debuts of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Zombieland: Double Tap. Joker will take a hit for sure, but it’s just a question of how much it will fall.

No matter what happens financially moving forward, the film has done well, and now it’s time to set targets on awards season.

Correction: Immediately following the publication of this story, the foreign numbers were updated. We have corrected the story to reflect the newer information.