Robert Wuhl and Justin Hartley reportedly join Crisis on Infinite Earths

Batman - 1989 - Robert Wuhl - 01

Another day, another set of rumors of who will be appearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

It’s been an active few days for the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. We have a newspaper with a reference to Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne, and a report that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) will be appearing. Now we have two more rumors that are intriguing.

According to Canadagraphs, Robert Wuhl will be reprising his role as Alexander Knox from 1989’s Batman movie. The scene reportedly just has him sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper, and then reacting to something happening in the sky. This sounds like it will be more in the realm of a cameo, but at least it will be another connection to the Burton films.

The second big rumor comes from @dcology that Justin Hartley will reprise his role as Oliver Queen from Smallville.

This one doesn’t provide information on how it was learned, and we do wonder about it a bit as he is currently a series regular on This is Us on NBC. If it’s a small role, he could jump up there, film it over the weekend, and back to set on Monday, so we’ll just have to wait and see a bit on this.

The more this crossover grows, the missing pieces become that more glaring. As we’ve stated previously, there will be no references to the DC Universe series, but with them pulling from nearly every other DC property, how are current series being overlooked? Or even a small reference to Gotham?

There’s still time, so here’s hoping every DC property gets acknowledged.

Crisis on Infinite Earths will be split over the winter break. Supergirl will kick things off on Dec. 8, Batwoman will follow on Dec 9, and The Flash will air on Dec. 10.

Things will then pick back up on Jan. 14 with Arrow, and will wrap up with Legends of Tomorrow on the same night.


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