Mattson Tomlin co-writing The Batman with Matt Reeves

For as long as we’ve known about The Batman, it has been labeled as Matt Reeves being the writer on the film. It turns out at some point he has gotten some help.

Mattson Tomlin retweeted about the news of Zoe Kravitz playing Catwoman and added, Co-writing THE BATMAN with [Matt Reeves} has been a life altering experience and a literal dream come true.” He concluded with, “I can’t wait for you to see what he has planned for the World’s Greatest Detective!” followed by three bat emojis.

Tomlin hails from Romania and has a background in independent film, primarily in shorts.

Of course, the primary focus for many people from his comment has been on his ending the tweet with a refence to Batman being “the World’s Greatest Detective.” This has been an aspect of Batman’s mythos that has not seen much attention in previous films. While there have been little nods to it, he has never had to use too much of his sleuthing prowess to figure out the plot of the movie. If Reeves and Tomlin can find a balance for that, we should be in store for something special.

The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.