Dwayne Johnson shares new production start for Black Adam movie

Shutterstock - Dwayne Johnson - JStone
Shutterstock - Dwayne Johnson - JStone

Another day, another minor update on the Black Adam movie.

A fan shared a sculpture he made of Johnson as Black Adam, and the actor took the opportunity to offer a very minor update on the film. This project has been with me for over 10yrs,” he said, adding, “Production begins this July.” We’re assuming he means July 2020 as July 2019 has already passed us.

For now, we’re definitely taking this with a grain of salt. The last update we had on the film came from Hiram Garcia, Johnson’s producing partner. This past August he pegged it for “end of next year,” so we’re not quite sure how the film suddenly moved to the middle of the year.

We really don’t care when it begins filming so long as it finally films. As Johnson said, this film has been in play for a decade now, and we just finally want to see it on the big screen at the local multiplex. It’s understandable delays happen, and at least Johnson does keep us updated. It’s still unclear whatever happened with the Doc Savage movie he was supposed to have already filmed by now.

Whenever Black Adam goes in front of cameras, we’re ready for it.