YuMe DZNR Series Blackout Edition review

I first saw YuMe’s DZNR series back at Toy Fair. For me, they were a standout item, because I just wasn’t expecting anything like it. If you consider the two basic elements of the DZNR series, there’s nothing unique: a chibi-style Batman plush and decorations referencing the history of the Dark Knight—Jim Lee artwork, the iconic Detective #27 cover, and more. But these two elements combine into something fresh and highly collectible.

But there was one version that YuMe made an especially big deal about in their marketing: the “Blackout.” As the name implies, it is a simple, all-black take on the DZNR Batman. So how does it hold up? YuMe sent one to Batman News for review, so let’s take a quick look.

Is it Batman enough?

The Blackout eschews the pattern-based approach taken with (almost) all of the other DZNRs. Sure, there’s a plain, Year One-style plush without any designs in the cowl and other accents, but come on—it’s instantly recognizable, and he’s got a batarang!

I think the Blackout is actually more like the camouflage DZNR, because, other than the Batman shape and suit features, there isn’t anything distinctly Batman about its variation on the central theme of the line. This isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker: the camo was frequently sold out at Wal-Mart earlier this year, and the collectibility of these things gives YuMe a bit of leeway. A collector might not be super-impressed by a camo or all-black chibi Batman, but in the context of a collection of various chibi Batmans, it has a different sort of appeal, not unlike variant Funko Pop!s.

Is it good enough?

Now that I’m done apologizing for YuMe’s design choices, what about the plush all by itself? For starters, it’s softer than most of its brethren, because it doesn’t have the coarser fabric used for the patterned editions. This won’t matter to you if you’re putting them on a shelf, but if you have a kid who’s planning on snuggling, it’s an important point.

Beyond that, this thing actually looks way more interesting than you might expect from its high-level description. Yes, it’s all black, but there’s gloss on the gloves, bat symbol, and belt, and there’s different texture on the trunks and boot tops. There’s enough variation to keep the parts of the Batsuit distinct, and in the end, it’s a killer look all its own. It looks awesome!

Should you get it?

I love all of the DZNR series, and the Blackout is no exception. Even if it’s your first, I think it looks great on the shelf, and as part of the wider collection, it manages to stand out. Kids will love snuggling with the big, soft head, too. You can find the DZNR Blackout Edition in stores now.

DISCLAIMER: YuMe provided Batman News with this collectible for the purpose of review.


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