Stargirl rumored to move from DC Universe to The CW

It seems that Stargirl may be on the move if a new rumor is to be believed.

According to Collider’s Jeff Sneider, there is a possibility that Stargirl may be making a move from DC Universe to The CW. The reason for the potential move is unknown at this time.

This would cause some immediate issues with the completed episodes as they would need to be edited to fit with The CW’s broadcast time constraints to allow for commercials. To complicate things even further, there would then be a chance the uncut versions of the episodes would find their way to HBO Max at some point.

Sneider stresses this is a rumor for the time being, but we have to say it might explain some of the oddness around this series. There have been no official updates on the series in some time. Some set photos did appear from time to time, and the cast posting pictures to their social channels. Other than that, things have been fairly quiet.

We are taking this information with a definite grain of salt, but it’s something will be keeping our ears open for more information.