A quick look at ‘Baby Geek’ from Downtown Bookworks

If you follow my writing here at Batman News, then you likely know how much I love Downtown Bookworks and their DC Super Heroes books. They’ve got stuff for kids of all ages, and there’s usually plenty to tickle the fancy of parents, uncles, and aunts, as well. Downtown’s latest is here, and instead of focusing on DC alone, it widens the circle: it teaches your little nerds-in-training all sorts of ways to get themselves ostracized as children before one day getting vindicated as adults. So what do I think of it? Read on.

Of course DC is still here

It may not be all DC, but DC is still here. Behold:


Yes, excellent. It may not be the beautiful (predominantly Bronze-age) artwork featured in the DC Super Heroes books, but these still look very much like the Justice League, only with a softer, baby-aimed look. I do appreciate that Batman and Martian Manhunter aren’t forced to smile, though. And that Superman has trunks. Also, where are Batman’s trunks? I’ll live, I suppose.

A wider world

But maybe, like me, you enjoy more nerdery than that which DC supplies. You like Harry Potter? BOOM. Baby Geek has you covered. Lord of the Rings? F is for Frodo, Precious. Mork and freaking Mindy?!?!?!?! N is for Nanu Nanu, and now your little toothless cute factory can say hello on the planet Ork. There’s so much here, and like they always do, Downtown brings the deep cuts along with the obvious. I’ve always appreciated that in their DC books, with all sorts of Z-list characters getting their due.

Ghidorah, man. Freaking Ghidorah. It don’t get much better than this.

Don’t just feed your child. Mold your child.

I may seem like a fanboy for Downtown Bookworks, but they’ve earned it. Book after book, they have managed to bring the fantastic worlds we nerds enjoy into formats that our children can digest. If you’ve got little kids, or you know people who’ve got little kids, Baby Geek is yet another outstanding book from Downtown that deserves to be on their shelves.

DISCLAIMER: Downtown Bookworks provided Batman News with a copy of this book for review.


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