Wonder Woman 1984 heading to CCXP with a trailer

Wonder Woman 1984

Mark your calendars for Dec. 8, 2019, because we’re finally going to be getting some new information and footage from Wonder Woman 1984.

It has been announced that Wonder Woman 1984 is heading to Brazil for CCXP in Sao Paulo in December. Patty Jenkins shared the announcement with the world with a fun new promo image.

According to CCXP, the panel will be streamed live on Twitter on Sunday, Dec. 8. The convention has also announced that a trailer will be shown. To be certain plans can always change, but as of right now, that is the plan.

There is a lot of information we’re waiting for on this film, and we can’t wait to see what Jenkins and crew have to share with all of us.

Wonder Woman 1984 will hit thaters on June 5, 2020.