Justice League life-sized Tactical Suit Batman bust by Infinity Studio

Infinity Studio has released new images and info of its life-sized Tactical Suit Batman bust, and it looks like it walked off the screen.

Are you in need of a life-sized reproduction of the torso and head of Ben Affleck’s Batman? Infinity Studio has you covered. This 37-inch tall piece is made of a variety of materials including medical grade silicon. It’s amazing how lifelike this piece looks and we’d love to have it in our home.

Infinity Studio DC series 1:1 Batman life size bust. Authorize by Warner Bros, 95cm in height, crafted base on the Ben Affleck’s Batman appearance and featured medical grade silicon to create the likeness of the face and also featured punched facial hair. The bust showcase Batman Tactical Batsuit with pose of holding batarang , signaling the batarang is ready to be thrown. In additional, interchangeable eye pieces is also included.

As Batman 80th anniversary, we would like to present this 1:1 Batman bust to all the batman fans!

No word on price or preorder information as of yet.


SOURCE: Infinity Studio