Exclusive preview: Harley Quinn wages war on the “Year of the Villain” in issue #67

After you’ve been offered the opportunity to become the Angel of Retribution of the Lords of Chaos and Order, what else can you do?  I mean, that’s a pretty huge deal that comes with an insane amount of power, and to just… give it away?  What’s bigger than that?

I suppose becoming a “Crisis Killer”  would fit the bill, for sure, and that’s just what Harley Quinn sets out to become in this first look at her series’ 67th issue.  Good ol’ Harleen wages war against the “Year of the Villain” crossover itself, and gets some help from the likes of Batman, Superman, and Booster Gold to boot.

If you consider being scolded by Batman “getting help,” that is.  Check out our exclusive first look at the issue below, with some stunning artwork from Sami Basri and Dan Jurgens.  Harley’s plan of “murderin th’ First Crisis” is certainly ambitious, to say the least, but anything with a Lobo cameo is ok by me.  Thanks, Sam Humphries.

Oh, and the Thanksgiving-themed variant from Frank Cho and Sabine Rich?  More of those, please, DC.

Per DC:

She’s bigger. She’s badder. She’s meaner. She’s Harley-er Quinn! And after accepting Lex Luthor’s offer, she’s waging a one-woman war on the Year of the Villain itself! This is the event issue to end all event issues-no, really!

Harley Quinn #67 will hit comic shops and digital retailers on November 6.