Crisis actor LaMonica Garrett finds the humor in his Anti-Monitor costume

Arrowverse - Anti-Monitor - Featured - 01

When you’re pulling double duty on a TV show, and you’re buried under layers of make-up, you need to find humor where you can. In the case of LaMonica Garrett you go with fun puns.

In an image posted to his Twitter, Garrett, in full Anti-Monitor makeup, expressed his displeasure for… a monitor.

It does appear to be an older model, perhaps. We can totally relate, Garrett.

In the comics, the Anti-Monitor is indeed the opposite of the Monitor and is the one responsible for destroying the various universes. His look in the comics was a bit more monstrous, but we can deal with this.

Crisis on Infinite Earths will be split over the winter break. Supergirl will kick things off on Dec. 8, Batwoman will follow on Dec 9, and The Flash will air on Dec. 10.

Things will then pick back up on Jan. 14 with Arrow, and will wrap up with Legends of Tomorrow on the same night.


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