Joker becomes first R-rated film to break $1 billion

Joker - Official Images - Final Poster - 1600 - Featured - 01

When Friday morning dawned, Joker sat in a very prestigious seat. Batting a disaster, it would break $1 billion sometime over the course of the weekend. Exactly how much money it needed was up for some date with some numbers showing it needing $11 million, others saying it needed as little as $900 thousand.

The consensus, however, was that it was going to break the barrier and set even more records. As an R-rated movie, without the benefit of a run at the Chinese box office, Joker has made an amazing run.

Joker took in $5.6 million domestically over the weekend to bring its total to $322.59 million. Combined with its foreign box office of $694 million, the movie now sits at $1.016 billion total off of an estimated budget between $55 to $70 million.

This result makes it the 44th film in history to break the billion-dollar barrier, and the fourth DC-based property to do so. The previous films to do so were The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and Aquaman.

Joker will continue to bring in the dollars for a few more weeks, but the numbers are definitely diminishing.  But there is absolutely nothing to be sad about this point. Now it’s time to turn the focus to the awards nomination seasons, and there will definitely be at least a few nominations coming its way.