Daniel Pemberton working on score for Birds of Prey

Movie composers are worth their weight in gold. A movie score can elevate a scene to masterful, or drag it down no matter how beautifully shot it may be. When you’re a good composer, then you get more work than you know what to do with, and that seems to be how Daniel Pemberton’s life is going right now.

This year has seen Pemberton score the TV movie Brexit, Danny Boyle’s Yesterday, Motherless Brooklyn, and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and more. That’s a lot of work, and he has more coming.

Pemberton shared a couple of tweets recently about the work he’s doing on Birds of Prey.

But then he did get to go relax at least.

Seeing as the first Birds of Prey trailer was backed by Edith Piaf’s “L’hymne à l’amour,” we don’t know yet where he’s going with his take on the music, but we can’t wait to her it.