Joker sequel rumors called into question in new report

In a war of trade publication sources, the news of a Joker sequel has turned quickly to, “not happening… yet.”

Earlier on Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter issued an exclusive saying that Todd Phillips had met with Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich about possible other villain movies. He was said to have walked away with the rights to one character, and that a Joker 2 was a go.

Deadline has now stepped in to say that it has spoken with multiple sources and that no such meeting took place. They also said that there are no current talks for a Joker sequel. That there haven’t even been negotiations to start the long road to a movie being made.

Now it’s down to which trade publication’s anonymous sources you believe. We’ll be keeping an eye out, but don’t count on anything being set in stone either direction quite yet.


SOURCE: Deadline