TNT is holding a week-long marathon of Batman movies

TNT - Batweek - 2019 - Featured - 01

It’s that time of the year where cable channels launch a seemingly endless stream of movie marathons. TNT is holding one that is definitely in line with our interests this time. Say hello to BatWeek.

Starting on Monday night, TNT is running a week-long marathon of Batman related films. Each day different movies will be shown from various eras of DC films. You can see the full schedule for the week below. (All times listed are Eastern.)

Monday, Nov. 25

Tuesday, Nov. 26

  • 8:00pm Batman Begins
  • 10:45pm Batman Returns

Wednesday, Nov. 27

Thursday, Nov. 28

  • 8:00pm The Dark Knight
  • 11:30pm Batman & Robin

Friday, Nov. 29

Saturday, Nov. 30

  • 12:30pm Batman & Robin
  • 3:00pm Batman Returns
  • 5:30pm Batman Forever
  • 8:00pm Batman (1989)
  • 10:45pm The Dark Knight

Sunday, Dec. 1

  • 10:00am Batman Begins
  • 1:00pm The Dark Knight
  • 4:30pm The Dark Knight Rises
  • 8:00pm Suicide Squad
  • 10:30pm Suicide Squad

TNT is also holding a sweepstakes that will see you fly to Los Angeles, tour the Warner Bros. lot and score a ride in a Batmobile. (No word on which one) You’ll also receive tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain, but will theme park rides really cut it after riding in a Batmobile? We somehow thing they won’t hold quite the same sense of excitement.

If you want to tweet along with the showings, TNT will be using the hashtag #BatWeek. Join in the fun!


TNT - Batweek - 2019 - 01