Damaris Lewis upped to series regular for Titans season 3

Shutterstock - Damaris Lewis - Ron Adar

It seems that Blackfire will be getting quite a bit of screentime in Titans season 3.

Although Titans season 2 just came to an end, already we’re hearing out first casting report for next season. According to TVLine, Damaris Lewis will be a series regular in Titans season 3 as the sister of Koriand’r, Komand’r AKA Blackfire. As the final scene of the season showed viewers, she has made her way to Earth and she doesn’t look any too happy about being here.

As Titans season 2 showed us, the sisters don’t have the best relationship, and with Blackfire now the queen of Tamaran, it appears she wants to settle family scores.

Seeing as we’re only a few days removed from the season finale, we don’t yet know when the new season will debut. It was recently renewed, so we know the season is happening, just not when.

We’ll be keeping an eye on casting news for sure as the season left us with some question marks surrounding the team’s roster when it returns. We won’t say more than that in the open quite yet as there are still sure to be some who have not caught up.

Titans season 1 and 2 are now streaming on DC Universe.

IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – Damaris Lewis – Ron Adar