Wonder Woman 1984 trailer – Ride the lightning

At long last, we have the first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer!

Wonder Woman 1984 has had quite a journey to release. It was originally scheduled for Dec. 13, 2020, and was then moved up to Nov. 1, 2020. Then it was finally moved back to June 5, 2020. This meant that we’ve had a longer wait than usual for footage, but, thankfully, it is finally here.

The trailer made its debut during the Wonder Woman 1984 presentation at CCXP in Brazil. Warner Bros. has had a large presence at the show, but the Wonder Woman panel was definitely the main vent for most fans.

The film will see Gal Gadot returning as Wonder Woman, and she will be joined by Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah, and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters on June 5, 2020.