Robert Pattinson already in rehearsals for The Batman

Shutterstock - Robert Pattinson - Tinseltown

With the holiday break upon us, it seems that Robert Pattinson spent the final few days of the work year preparing for one of the biggest roles of his life.

Pattinson recently sat down with the U.K.’s The Guardian newspaper to discuss his career. In the setup for the interview, the author mentions that Pattinson has just arrived at the restaurant from a day of rehearsals on The Batman. It is also mentioned he is filming in the same studio where they made Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ‘to his delight.’

While the overall article is about the entirety of his career and how he views his own skills and talents as an actor, it’s clear Pattinson is always not confident with himself. This includes his fear that he won’t be able to capture Batman’s vibe and that the world ‘will finally agree he really can’t act.’

Despite his fears of what people may think, he seems more than eager to discuss what attracted him to the role, and the just want to get this movie underway.

The Batman is achievement, he says. Pattinson said yes to the part because “I felt a connection to it, I don’t know why,” but also because, “I just really wanted it.” The role has a “power”, which is why “everyone is attracted to it. It’s an unidentifiable thing.” But he’s already sick of the questions. He just wants to get on with making the film. “I’m already remembering what it’s like to talk about a movie where there’s an expectation. Whenever you say anything, people are like, ‘Argh! You idiot!’ Like, dude, I haven’t even started yet!”

I point out it’s a lot to live up to. “But there is no harsher critic of myself than myself, so I don’t need to worry about anyone else.”

The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.


SOURCE: The Guardian