David Ayer confirms The Suicide Squad is not a sequel to his film

Shutterstock - David Ayer - Carla VanWagoner

If you have been confused about whether or not The Suicide Squad is a reboot a sequel, you have not been alone. Now, Davide Ayer – director of 2016’s Suicide Squad – has cleared things up a tiny bit.

There has been a lot of confusion out there about what exactly The Suicide Squad is going to be. While people such as producer Peter Safran have stated that it’s a reboot of the series, the inclusion of multiple actors from the 2016 film has left people scratching their heads. Now Ayer – who James Gunn has confirmed he spoke with during development – has shared some information about it.

Ayer replied to a comment on Twitter this week where he stated that The Suicide Squad is “not a sequel it’s a reinvention and James Gunn is going to absolutely knock it out of the park.”

In another tweet from Ayer, he confirmed that “some characters and elements will be used but James Gunn is reinventing the universe.”

If we were to put money on it, essentially if you saw the 2016 film you’ll be a bit ahead of the game. If you haven’t seen it, sounds as though you’ll be able to jump in with ease.

The Suicide Squad will hit theaters on Aug. 6, 2021.


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IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – David Ayer – Carla VanWagoner