David Ayer discusses cut Justice League ties in Suicide Squad

David Ayer sent out a few replies on Twitter recently, and amongst them was a fairly major revelation of a cut tie between Suicide Squad and Justice League. At long last we have confirmation the Enchantress wasn’t originally just building a random machine.

It’s well-known that numerous changes were made to Suicide Squad as production was in progress. Entire elements were removed, editing choices were made, and it resulted in a very different movie than was first envisioned.

A fan tweeted about the seemingly random machine the Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) built in the film and how it “was ridiculous.” Ayer replied saying, “It was supposed to be a boom tube as she was under control of a motherbox.” He went on to add, “All the Apokalypse [sic] elements were stripped out late in the game. The machine concept was an attempt to create a ticking clock and world threat.”

This isn’t the first time this has been discussed. Back in 2017, concept artist Christian Lorenz Scheurer shared some artwork that was labeled “Enchantress Boom Tube” along as well as “Parademon Boss” (The artwork has since been removed from his site.) but this is some of the most revealing info we have seen from Ayer.

Clearly there was a throughline in the DC films at one point that everything would build towards Darkseid, but the plan was already shifting toward more standalone projects. With a New Gods movies in the works, we’re going to see Darkseid eventually. It’s just clear we’re going to see an adjusted plan.

James Gunn’s reinvention of the Suicide Squad series will hit theaters on Aug. 6, 2021.


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