Wonder Woman 1984, Birds of Prey among most anticipated movies poll

A recent poll conducted by Fandango of 2,000 Millenials that used the service during Dec. has revealed what films they are anticipating in 2020. Wonder Woman 1984 and Birds of Prey are both looking like they will fair well.

As 2019 draws to a close, we’re heading into an increasingly heavy release schedule of DC films. 2020 will be the last year for some time that only sees two DC films, but it looks as though both will be set for some success.

In the top 10 most anticipated films, Wonder Woman 1984 came out on top, and Birds of Prey made the list in seventh place.

  1. Wonder Woman 1984
  2. Black Widow
  3. Marvel’s Eternals
  4. Mulan
  5. No Time to Die
  6. A Quiet Place 2
  7. Birds of Prey
  8. In the Heights
  9. Pixar’s Soul
  10. Fast & Furious 9

“As we head into the next decade, the new cinematic offerings look promising, with inspiring stories and new definitions of the word ‘hero,’” Fandango correspondent Nikki Novak said in a statement. “Adventure-seeking fans can’t wait for the kick-ass leads of ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ ‘Black Widow,’ and ‘Mulan’ — all films directed by women — to command the big screen. And with invigorating, fresh fare like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘In the Heights,’ Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ and Pixar’s ‘Soul,’ the 2020 box office will offer a cornucopia of welcome surprises.”

With DC having a very full slate coming up, getting the brand back in front of viewers is essential, and it appears that 2020 will do just that.

Birds of Prey hits theaters on Feb. 7, 2020, and Wonder Woman 1984 will release on June 5, 2020.