Vinimate Batman Returns in Diamond Select’s excellent new 2-pack

I used to be addicted to Funko Pop!s, but beyond all comprehension, those cutesy, big-eyed, vinyl pals have been eclipsed. I still have my Pop!s, but most of them are boxed up to save space. The new king of my shelves is Diamond Select’s Vinimate line—something I once called “gross,” but have since grown to love.

Though they look markedly different than Pop!s, the Vinimate strategy is similar to Funko’s: create a distinct aesthetic, and then apply that aesthetic to various pop culture properties. Lucky for us, the property to which Diamond has applied it the most is Batman, and they’re back with a Batman Returns two-pack featuring the Dark Knight and Catwoman. Let’s have a look.

Unkuestionably Keaton

While I would love to have an ’89 Batman Vinimate a little bit more than a Returns, I’ll take what Diamond is offering right now, and what they’re offering is delightful. The mouth looks undeniably like Michael Keaton, and the suit details are fantastic, from the cowl’s scalloped shape and connected oval, to Returns’ more abstract molded musculature of the torso armor, to the prominent lines around the cape, and finally, the bat-embossing  on the boots. I absolutely love it.

Pfantastically Pfeiffer

DST’s take on Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman is no slouch, either. Look at that face—the eyes and the mouth? It just screams Michelle Pfeiffer. Can’t you hear it? The stitching on the costume looks great and very film-like, and I particularly like the shape of the claws. The pose is a real winner, too, with the whip winding around her body—it’s a posture that immediately calls to mind the way she carries herself in the film.

Better together

This is a two-pack, and I’ve got to tell you, I love these together. Much like with Kotobukiya’s excellent animated Joker and Harley statues, these two are very complementary. Batman is standing straight and looking fairly stoic, but Catwoman is slinking all up on him, trying to break his stern demeanor. Great, great stuff, that feels almost like a scene from the actual film.

It’s no secret I love Vinimates—even if you didn’t read the first paragraph—but that’s because they’re well-designed, well-made, affordable collectibles that are small enough to pack a shelf with. If you love them, too, then you absolutely ought to pick up this two-pack and expand your collection with a delightful homage to Batman’s history on film. You can find them in stores now.

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received these Vinimates from Diamond for the purpose of review.


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