The Batman: More set photos and videos appear online

Filming on Matt Reeves’ The Batman continues in central London, and with that comes more photos and videos.

On Sunday we got our first look at the set of The Batman as we saw numerous vehicles marked with various Gotham services. We also saw a few of GCPD’s finest taking a break between shots.

The new videos appear to show that whatever is happening involves a large GCPD presence.

And a second video.

Next up are some photos, and we want to be very clear about this. One of these photos show a white-haired man holding an umbrella. There is a lot of chatter this is the first look at the Penguin, but we are saying that there is just no way to know yet. One of the biggest issues we have is that last we heard, Colin Farrell was in talks for the role, but Matt Reeves has not confirmed he is in the cast. It isn’t even fully confirmed yet that Penguin is in the film.

Could this be the Penguin? Maybe, but we’re not making a call one way or the other as of yet. Here is a second angle, however.

The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.