Robert Pattinson talks Batman franchise history with EW

With the Lighthouse still getting a lot of buzz, Robert Pattinson is an in-demend interview subject at the moment. But, of course, how can you talk to Pattinson at this point and his career and not discuss his impending involvement with The Batman?

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly‘s Awardist podcast, Pattinson was asked how he decided to jump back into the world of tentpole films. Ever since his days in Twilight ended, he has stuck mainly to smaller projects, but when Gotham needs a new Dark Knight, it’s hard to resist.

Pattinson was asked how he decided to put on the cowl, as it were, to which he responded, “There was something that always appealed to me about it. Batman movies have always attracted really, really good directors, and really good actors and it’s got a legacy and lineage to it.” He went to add, “It’s never been something that seemed like just a cash-in.”

And how far back does his respect go? Pretty far. “People still watch the TV series. That is a classic TV show. And it’s very, very, very well done.” He went on to add, “The performances are great. It’s a very interesting, kind of pop arty TV show.”

He shared a few other thoughts, such as a brief mention of the Tim Burton Batman movies simply saying “I was obsessed with them.”

We’ll see how much more information he shares now that production has begun on The Batman. We imagine he’s going to be a bit busy for a while.

The Batman hits theaters on June 25, 2021.