WB Games Montreal drops a new hint to its next Batman game (UPDATED)

WB Games Montreal is keeping the teasing going when it comes to its next Batman game it seems.

On Thursday the game developer sent out a new tweet simply saying “Cape sur la nuit / Capture the Knight.” It was accompanied by half of a symbol.

Batman Arkham Videos was then able to fill out the symbol and it resembles a police badge.

This is the fifth symbol to show up as a tease for this upcoming game. Batman Arkham Videos brought them all together in one image.

WB Games Montreal has been teasing this game for what feels like ages now. We still don’t even have official – and I stress that word – confirmation that it is even a Batman game, but we all know it is. The title has been rumored, and the meaning of each symbol has been rumored as well. It seems as though every major convention or gaming event that comes along the rumor mill is sure that is when the game will be announced, and then nothing happens.

We’ll get all the details on this game eventually, but for now, let a new round of speculation begin.

UPDATE: WB Games Montreal has hidden an image on its site at https://wbgamesmontreal.com/redacted/. It looks as though there is a lot more to be revealed.

WB Games Montreal - Tease - 01-09-19