Roy Harper reportedly joining Titans season 3

Roy Harper - Comics - Generic - 01

It would appear that the team of costumed heroes on Titans may grow even more when the series returns for its third season.

Titans season 2 ended up being a bit of a mixed bag when all was said in done. It had an odd habit of jumping around in its own timeline a bit too much, and it also seemed to be swimming in new characters. Now, with the dust having barely settled from the season 2 finale, it seems new characters are already being prepped for season 3.

According to Emre Kaya, who has an excellent track record when it comes to Titans casting news, both Roy Harper/Arsenal and Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad are on deck to be added in season 3. Not only that, but that Roy may have already been cast.

There’s no word on who may be playing Roy, but that is sure to come out at some point.

The inclusion of Roy Harper isn’t a gigantic surprise. Donna Troy name-dropped “Roy” in season 2 during a stakeout, so it was established that he exists in their universe. How large of a role he will play, or if he’s just restricted to flashbacks, is unknown for now.

No word yet as to when Titans season 3 will debut.