CW releases post-Crisis on Infinite Earths trailers

With the Crisis on Infinite Earths finally over, it’s time for The CW to turn its eyes towards what the world looks like now.

Following the conclusion of the Crisis, The CW has released new trailers for all of its hero-focused shows.


With only two episodes left, this trailer focuses on the Green Arrows and the Canaries backdoor pilot.


It appears that Batwoman won’t be paying any attention to what happened in the Crisis.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning has to go back to fighting for his city, but one has to wonder why he couldn’t just call some new friends in to help out.

The Flash

At last, Barry is living without the Crisis hanging over his head, but that doesn’t mean everything is awesome.

Legends of Tomorrow

All we want to know is when we can finally buy a Beebo.


This series will debut some time in the spring on DC Universe and then follow up on The CW.


Lex Luthor is a nice guy? We don’t buy it either.