Birds of Prey eyeing a $52 million dollar opening weekend

With less than a month to go until Birds of Prey hits theaters, the box office projections are beginning to rise.

The latest numbers are projecting an opening between $49 million to $55 million. Taking the average the current tracking is pointing to a $52 million opening off of a rumored budget of $97 million. If the budget proves to be correct, the break-even point globally for the film would be a total of $194 million.

Analysts, however, are projecting the number is going to rise significantly as the film is targeting a younger female demographic that tends to make its movie going decisions far closer to the release. With the Birds of Prey soundtrack trailer now out, it’s likely we will see the under 25 demographic growing significantly in the coming weeks.

By comparison, Shazam! opened to $53.5 million last April and went on to take in $140.3 million domestic and $364.5 million globally.

Birds of Prey will hit theaters on Feb. 7.