Zoe Kravitz talks Catwoman role and her inspiration at TCA

Shutterstock - Zoe Kravitz - Lev Radin
Shutterstock - Zoe Kravitz - Lev Radin

Zoe Kravitz is pulling double duty in her career at the moment. While The Batman is filming, she also is busy promoting her Hulu series, High Fidelity. It was the latter job that brought her to this year’s Television Critics Association presentation, and where the topic of Catwoman inevitably popped up.

“I think Catwoman, Selina Kyle represents really strong femininity, and I’m excited to dive into that,” Kravitz said. She added, “I think femininity represents power, and I think it’s a different kind of power than masculine power. That’s something that’s really interesting about Batman and Catwoman. I think Batman represents a very kind of masculine power, and Catwoman represents very feminine power — slightly more complicated, and softer, too. I like the idea that you can be soft, you can be gentle and still be very powerful and still be very dangerous.”

Kravitz joins a healthy list of actors to tackle the role of Selina Kyle, but there are two main sources for her interpretation it would seem. “I think Catwoman is an iconic character. I was never into a lot of comic books, but that world was always really intriguing to me. And then, of course, Michelle Pfeiffer — her performance has always been super inspiring to me. It just felt iconic.”

It’ll be interesting to see what Kravitz takes from Pfeiffer’s performance.

The Batman hits theaters on June 25, 2021.


VIA: Variety
IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – Zoe Kravitz – Lev Radin