Soap Studio shows off Dark Knight Catwoman figure

Soap Studios is expanding its Dark Knight trilogy collection with 1/12 scale Catwoman with accessories galore.

The upcoming Catwoman figure will stand around 6.5-inches tall and feature over 33 points of articulation. She will include a fabric costume, interchangeable hands, goggles, an EMP rifle, a handgun, a backdrop, and a figure stand.

You’re going to get a lot of bang for your buck with this one as she will be priced at $638 Hong Kong dollars which works out to around $82 USD. The figure is due for release in June.

“I take what I need from those who have more than enough. I don’t stand on the shoulders of those with less.”

Catwoman in the Dark Knight series played by Anne Hathaway is a warrior with sadness but brave. Hope for a new beginning in Gotham City, she covers up her complex psychological journey under the black catsuit, leather boots, belt and eye patch. Unlike Catwoman in comics, Catwoman in dark knight series seems to be much more perseverance. Neat turn, fast and precise kick, throw a punch without any hesitant, showing her knight-errant spirit in every fight.

This collectible figure stands approximately 16.5cm, designed after THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) characters on-screen appearance with 33 movable joint and highly detailed costumes and accessories. The figure comes with goggles (interchangeable), hand gun, EMP rifle, fist hands, relaxing hands, akimbo posture hand, goggles holding hands, gun holding hand, gun loading hand and Catwoman head sculpt. To allow players flexibly build their own “movie stage” , a backdrop is also attached to the set. Facial sculpture with high simulation, meticulous painting and clothing made of real fabrics perfectly present the character played by Anne Hathaway!
To celebrate the Dark Knight’s amazing legacy, our 1:12 Catwoman is bundled with an 80th-anniversary silver pin!

Accessories included:
1. Catwoman Head Sculpt x 1
2. Goggles (Interchangeable) x2
3. Hand Gun x1
4. EMP Rifle x1
5. Hand Parts x10 (Fist Hand x 1 pair, Relax Hand x 1 pair, akimbo posture hand x 1 pair, goggles holding hands x 1 pair, gun holding hand x 1pc, gun loading hand x 1pc)
6. Backdrop x1
7. Stand x1
8. 80th-anniversary silver pin x 1