Colin Farrell calls The Batman script “really beautiful” and “dark”

Colin Farrell is out promoting The Gentlemen, and that included a stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live, during which he discussed his role as the Penguin in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Farrell can’t seem to go anywhere at the moment without the topic of the Penguin coming up. During this round of talk show visits, he also discussed it on Ellen, and now it was Jimmy Kimmel’s turn.

Kimmel brought up the fact that the Penguin is usually shorter and heavier, to which Farrell replied, “I’m still in the process of talking to Matt Reeves, who’s the director who wrote the script, and wrote a really, really beautiful dark moving script, really gorgeous.” This led Kimmel to ask if Farrell had read the entire script, to which he replied, “Yeah, yeah with a chain around my arm, cryogenically frozen script. It’s all very hush, hush.” He went on to add, “But it’s a really beautiful script that he wrote. He has a real love for it, man. So we are still in the process of just finishing the design, the aesthetic of the character.”

This new interview pretty much confirms that the “umbrella guy” that was spotted on the set of The Batman earlier this month is truly just an “umbrella guy.” If Farrell and Reeves truly are still discussing the look, then it seems unlikely.

To be fair, though, Farrell is clearly an unreliable narrator as he also gave two different answers to how soon he begins shooting in the span of two interviews.

The Batman will hit theaters on June 25, 2021.