Matt Reeves confirms start of production on The Batman

The Batman - Clapper - Featured - 01

It’s official: The Batman has started production at long last.

Matt Reeves took to his Twitter account on Monday to share an image of the clapper from the first day of full production on The Batman.

If you’re slightly confused as there have been The Batman set photos and videos already, this pretty much confirms that was second unit work. This would be the start of principal photography on the film.

It’s unclear where filming is taking place at the moment, but we are aware it will be moving to Glasgow, Scotland at the end of February.

Now we wait for all of the reveals of costumes and Bat equipment.

Robert Pattinson is playing Batman, with Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler, Colin Farrel as The Penguin, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, and Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon.

The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.