Wonder Woman 1984 crosses over with Tide in Super Bowl commercial

Warner Bros. may have skipped running any ads during the Super Bowl, that doesn’t mean that some footage still didn’t show up.

Tide ran a five-part commercial series about the power of Tide Pods. While Wonder Woman 1984 footage only appears in one of the ads, we’ve included all the videos so you can see it in context.

The series starts with Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek) getting sauce on Charlie Day’s (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) shirt. She tells him not to worry about it as Tide Pods can take care of it later.

Then Day ends up in the past with the Bud Light Knight, because… sure.

Part three was where the Wonder Woman 1984 footage appeared. Dinah promises him he can do the laundry later.

Then he wanders into the Masked Singer.

Day finally does his laundry in the future, but… poor Charlie.

At least some Wonder Woman 1984 promotion got into the show!