Idris Elba appears in The Suicide Squad set video

A new The Suicide Squad set video has surfaced from Panama. This time around not only do we see a bit one scene, but we also see Idris Elba along with John Cena.

Before clicking play, please be advised you see a few seconds of an actual scene being filmed. There is no context for what is shown, but it feels as though it may be slightly important. If you intend to go in clean you may be better off avoiding this video.

What we will say here is that there is still no indication as to who anyone is playing here. Elba does seem to be wearing something bulky under a coat as he walks down the street with crew, but in the actual filming, he looks to be just wearing normal clothes. Cena also appears to be in normal street clothes.

At some point we’ll finally find out who everyone is playing in this movie. The waiting is just killing us.

Although The Suicide Squad started shooting last fall, it took an extended holiday break due to Margot Robbie’s schedule. Gunn explained on various social media platforms that her promotional schedule for Birds of Prey just worked out in such a way that everyone got to spend a bit more time away on this film.

The Suicide Squad will hit theaters on Aug. 6, 2021.

IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – Idris Elba – Denis Makarenko