Matt Reeves releases The Batman camera test with Batsuit

The Batman - Camera Test - Featured - 01

The Batman – Camera Test from Matt Reeves on Vimeo.

Matt Reeves surprised Batman fans around the world on Thursday as he took to social media to debut the first footage of Robert Pattinson as The Batman.

The new footage is a camera test, but it shows us Robert Pattinson in the suit, as well as the unusual Bat symbol which looks as though it may be some form of Batarang. If you look closely at the nose of the cowl, you can also notice stitch markings. This makes us wonder if the rumors of this being an early career take on Batman are correct.

What we don’t get, sadly, is any indication to the ear length of the cowl. It’s impossible to guess if we’re going short ears or long, we’ll just have to wait for another reveal.

This is the first of many crucial reveals from The Batman. Still to be seen are any of the villains and the all-important Batmobile.

Production on The Batman is due to move to Glasgow any day now, and costume reveals are usually a good indicator that they will be seen in exterior shots. Keep your eyes peeled for set photos in the near future.

The Batman will hit theaters on June 25, 2021.