A blue Hedgehog had a surprising weekend performance at the box office, moving the Birds of Prey down into second place.

Sonic the Hedgehog took first place this weekend with $57 million. Seeing how the first Sonic trailer was received, it’s an amazing turn around for the property. This did, however, leave the Birds of Prey in second place for its second weekend.

The latest DC film took in $17.11 million in its second outing, a drop of 48% from its opening weekend. Traditionally, any drop under 50% for a film is considered a successful second weekend no matter close it is to that mark.

This weekend’s numbers brings the domestic total to $59.27 million. Combined with its international total of $83.6 million, the film now stands at $142.87 million globally off of an estimated budget of $84.5 million. Going by your standard film math, Birds of Prey will need to go on to a $169 million dollar haul globally to break even, leaving a difference, for now, of $26.13 million.

It looks as though the film will hit profitability without too many issues, but the only question is how far beyond that it will go.