At the end of 2018, fans of DC figures and toys got a big surprise: Mattel, who had been responsible for the bulk of DC’s made-for-children toys, as well as its Multiverse line of 6-inch, entry-level-collector figures, had lost its licensing deal. We would eventually learn that Multiverse was heading to McFarlane, but we reported in December 2018 that Spin Master had won what is probably the more lucrative piece of the pie: the kiddie stuff.

I’ve been in contact with Spin Master ahead of Toy Fair 2020, and they sent me a box of Batman goodies to evaluate. As a collector, these things aren’t really aimed at me, but as a dad, and a lover of all things Batman, I find a lot to appreciate here. So let’s have a look.

4-inch figures

My box had two 4-inch Batmans in it: the “Caped Crusader” edition, with a 3-compartment cardboard gear locker filled with mystery goodies to help Bruce Wayne Batman just a little bit harder; and, the “Mega Gear” edition, which features  a pretty sweet glider with fold-up wings and trigger-release. As you might expect, articulation is limited compared to your average 6-inch figure, but these things are still incredibly sweet. If I’m being honest, the unbroken chest on these look better than the chest-eating-ribcage design McFarlane is using on the ‘Tec #1000 Batman figure.

12-inch figures

Spin Master also sent me their 12-inch Rebirth Batman. If you were familiar with Mattel’s 12-inch stuff, then this is in the same ballpark: more points of articulation than the incredibly-stiff Titan Hero Marvel figures, but still fairly basic overall. On the one hand, I appreciate that they’re going to the comics for the design, but, on the other hand, the Rebirth suit is old news at this point.

I mostly like this figure, but it looks downright gross where the cowl meets the body on the back. Will your kid notice? No.


Batman Cape

If the figures weren’t made for me, then this play cape was REALLY not made for me. I mean, it doesn’t fit. It makes a nice bib, though…

Seriously, my youngest son really likes it, and the plastic is notably higher than trash bag-grade, so it doesn’t just feel like disposable junk. I do wonder whether or not cloth would have been a more durable choice in the long run, but you can’t beat the shiny look, so I’m not going to be too picky.

This material also makes for a better bib…

Rapid Change Utility Belt 12-inch figure

So, this is the headliner right here, the one that even the most “adult” Bat-fans will have to look at and say “this is really rad.” Words can’t do it justice, so behold:

A promising start

If you’ve got young Batfans in your life, there’s an awful lot to love here. But even if you don’t the 4-inchers would still make nice, affordable collectibles, and you can’t help but appreciate the raw awesomeness of the Rapid Change mechanic. I hadn’t heard of Spin Master before they acquired the license, but consider me legitimately impressed.

You can find all of these excellent toys in stores now.

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received these toys from Spin Master for the purpose of review.