The Batman reportedly using replica of the Glasgow Cathedral for filming

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A new report indicates that the fake church built in the Cardington Sheds in England is actually a replica of the Glasgow Cathedral.

Since Dec. of last year, reports have indicated that a church was being built in the well-known Cardington Sheds. Once filming finally shifted there earlier this month, those reports continued but it upped it to a full cathedral.

Now, the Cardington Sheds Twitter fan account has shared that it is a specific Cathedral, saying it is actually the Glasgow Cathedral.

This makes a lot of sense as The Batman is due to move up to Glasgow for exterior filming by the end of the month. This also matches up with a list of street closures in Glasgow that was recently uncovered. All of the proposed closures run around the Glasgow Cathedral as well as the Glasgow Necropolis graveyard.

Considering the gothic nature of both locations, it seems as though at least some portions of the Gotham City we see in The Batman will be taking on this flavor.

With the Batsuit having now been revealed, one has to suspect Robert Pattinson will be photographed on set in the not too distant future.

The Batman is due to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.