Flash Season 6, Episode 12 Review – The Master Detective

Flash Season 6, Episode 12
The Flash -- "A Girl Named Sue" -- Image Number: FLA612a_0324b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Natalie Dreyfuss as Sue and Hartley Sawyer as Dibny -- Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

When last we left our hero, Iris West-Allen was banging her hands on the wrong side of a mirror as her evil twin lovingly hugged her husband. This week, the focus shifts further off Barry, giving Iris time to explore this strange dimension. On the outside, master detective Ralph Dibny finally tracks down Sue Dearbon. Spoilers follow for The Flash Season 6, Episode 12, “A Girl Named Sue.”

“A Girl Named Sue”

Flash season 6 episode 12

This week we follow three storylines: Ralph, Iris, and Barry. After some time off, Ralph finally gets center stage, while Iris searches for a way out of the mirror world.

While Iris adjusts to her weird prison, her double tries to talk Barry into giving her the mirror gun that Team Flash tried to use to destroy Cicada’s dagger last year.

Ralph, meanwhile, has an alert go off that tells him someone has accessed the accounts belonging to Sue Dearbon. He’s been tracking her since the end of season 5 at the request of her very wealthy parents. When he goes to the apartment that showed up on her account, Sue’s apartment explodes and she pushes our good boy Ralph out of the way just in time.

It’s an exciting introduction that leads to some great interactions. These characters have great chemistry from the outset, helped along by the Femme Fatale Film Noir tone of the story.

Femme Fatale?

Flash season 6 episode 12

After their explosive meeting, Ralph and Sue head back to Ralph’s office, where she reveals that she’s running from her dangerous boyfriend, John Loring, and has returned to Central City to put him behind bars and reclaim her life. Ralph decides to help her, though he ends up needing her help when they head to Loring’s warehouse and one of Loring’s henchmen gets the drop on him.

When they show back up at Loring’s warehouse that night, they end up cornered on a rooftop, where Ralph reveals his powers to Sue to save them both.

Femme Fatale.

The adventure leaves them with a key to a safety deposit box, which Sue persuades Ralph that she needs right now. Something seemed ‘off’ about Sue from her heroic intro, but this is about when alarm bells started really going off for me. After the pair breaks into the bank, Sue reveals herself as a cat burglar.

Sue locks Ralph in the vault, which he escapes easily so that he can protect her from Loring’s goons. Ultraviolet shows up and Sue has a jumpkicking battle with her. Ultimately, Sue gets away with the diamond just in time for Flash to show up and cuff Loring and his men.

I’m left wondering where Sue’s alliances really lie. In the comics, she’s Ralph’s one-and-only, and even the stinger at the end of the episode, which shows Sue finding a Black Hole emblem on the diamond, doesn’t actually clarify where her loyalties are. Earlier in the episode, Cecile meets them and says that, according to her emotion-reading meta powers, the two are in almost perfect sync.

Mirror Master Gen.2

Flash season 6 episode 12

While Sue is working Ralph over, Iris is struggling to get out of the mirror world. She meets Eva McCulloch, who got thrown into the mirror by Harrison Wells’ particle accelerator explosion back at the beginning of season 1 and has been trying to escape ever since. Eva’s sanity is deeply frayed after all the time behind the mirror. She tells Iris that she’s tried to escape over 1,300 times since that day, and tries to convince Iris to give up on ever escaping.

The thing is, Eva doesn’t have Iris’ special power: being a main character. Iris has the boundless hope of someone who hasn’t tried to escape 1,300 times. Iris thinks back to when Sam Scudder was the Mirror Master and how they helped Barry escape by bringing the mirror as close to absolute zero as possible. The pair tries it, only for the mirror to shatter.

Eva screams at Iris, and the mirror shards start to vibrate. The particle accelerator doused Eva with the same dark matter that made so many other Flash villains, and seemingly has mirror powers herself. If you read the comics, you’ll notice that her name is just one letter off of the Gen.2 Mirror Master: the comics gave us Evan McCulloch, and we get Eva McCulloch. Eva and Iris don’t make it out of the mirror just yet, but that seems all but guaranteed next week. What I’m wondering is whether Eva will go the route of her namesake and give in to the years of loneliness to become the latest Flash villain.

It’s all coming together

In the background of these two stories, Barry is working with Joe West on a series of cold cases; all of them trace back to someone named Joe Carver. If you know the comics, you’ll see how this starts connecting to the other storylines this season. I only promised spoilers for this episode, so you read Joe Carver’s profile if you want.

Earlier, Barry refused to give Reverse-Iris the mirror gun. You know, because it’s a wildly dangerous weapon that can atomize matter. Bizarro Iris tries to steal it from the Star Labs warehouse, but she runs into Nash Wells who immediately starts hallucinating Harry Wells again, who taunts him mercilessly. Evil Iris ultimately leaves without the gun, and we find out that Nash dug up Harry’s journal. I’m deeply curious about this storyline; Earth-2’s Harry Wells was the most Harry Wells of all the other Wells’ we’ve seen, and I’d love to see him come back in some respect.

Joe West tells Barry he should trust his wife with a wildly dangerous weapon that can atomize matter, so he relents, and The Iris Who Laughs walks off with a smirk on her face and a gun in her hand.

I actually like where these stories land. We have a few mysteries floating before us:

  • What’s Sue Dearbon up to?
  • How will Iris and Eva escape the Mirror World?
  • What’s Evil Iris up to?
  • How does Joe Carver connect to Barry and Iris’ stories?
  • What the heck is up with Wells hallucinating Wells?

I’m actually interested in all of these at the moment, and I like that they all tie together, even if the show hasn’t actually revealed that just yet. Ralph and Sue’s chemistry keeps the episode moving while these questions leave us hanging on for next week.