A blue Hedgehog and a dog’s story took the top spots at the box office, moving the Birds of Prey down into third place.

Sonic the Hedgehog took first place this weekend with $26.3 million. Second place went to The Call of the Wild. This left the Gotham City residents to land in third place.

The latest DC film took in $7.00 million in its second outing, a drop of 59% from its second weekend.

This weekend’s numbers brings the domestic total to $72.52 million. Combined with its international total of $101.2 million, the film now stands at $173.72 million globally off of an estimated budget of $84.5 million. Going by your standard film math, Birds of Prey had to make it to a $169 million dollar haul globally to break even, meaning it has just passed the needed number.

All of this is not hard math, but it does look as though at least some profit will be realized from the Birds of Prey.