Diamond Select is one of the most prolific makers of licensed products, and their DC offerings are numerous and varied. Batman News is on-site at New York Toy Fair this week, and we’ve got the inside scoop on the Diamond booth.

New at the show: Lex Luthor

This is a pretty well-worn look for Lex, but it’s the first time he’s hit the Gallery line, so why not go with an iconic take? My only disappointment is that his base is not really “compatible” with the Apokoliptian base beneath DST’s most recent Superman, but it’s not the end of the world. It would have been nice to create a scene, but they should still display well together all the same.

First time in the flesh: almost everything else

While pretty much all of the rest of Diamond’s DC stuff has been shown in press releases in the past few months, this is the first time I’m seeing most of it in person, and I would say most of it looks fantastic. That Lobo has my eye, and it probably has yours, too, but the release date is still TBD—they’re trying to figure out how best to price it, as it’s much larger than just about anything else in the Gallery line thus far.

The Burton Batman stuff is lights-out stupendous in person, as well. I love the Batman (obviously), but the Pfeiffer Catwoman is outstanding, as well. Hoping we’ll see DeVito’s horrifying Penguin before it’s all said and done, as well.

If I had to pick a favorite, though, it’s Bane. That comics-based, venom-blasted man-mountain looks great in product photography, but seeing it in the real world is another thing entirely. I can’t wait till that one hits the market—it will be mine.

It should be a good year

With the Animated JL statues expected to hit this summer, that Lobo hopefully getting a price and a release date before long, and all of the other cool stuff I saw today, it should be a great year of DST releases. I can’t wait to get my hands on them, and to share my thoughts with you fine readers of Batman News.