Mezco makes some of my favorite toys, and I’ve been looking forward to their Toy Fair 2020 press event for quite some time. What would they have on display? Would there be anything new in the booth, or in the catalog they put in the press bag? And what else would be in that press bag?

Downsides first: the booth was an absolute zoo, and trying to press through and take pictures was the most miserable I was all day Saturday (I was in the booth with Brian, he is understating how miserable it was – Sean). Also, the press bag had very little of interest from a DC angle. But, notice I said “very little” and not “none.”

The aforementioned catalog does have a very interesting teaser:

To me, that strongly suggests a Christopher Reeve Superman in the works, which means I’m all aboard.

Apart from that cool teaser, Mezco’s DC presence was really about showing us things we’ve already seen or preordered, and while nothing beats a new product reveal, it was still great getting a close look at the new Two Face, and my second look at the yet-to-be-offered Mr. Freeze. ’89 Batman and Mezco’s own Supreme Knight looked great in person, as well.

Have a look for yourself, and let us know down below what’s got you clutching your wallet.

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