McFarlane Toys at Toy Fair 2020: Even more DC Multiverse

Toy Fair 2020 has been a wild ride, and it’s still not over. Next up is McFarlane Toys and its second wave of DC Multiverse.

Batman is still very much the focus. This wave will feature not only the company’s first Joker figure, but two of them. We’ll see versions from both Arkham City and White Knight. We’ll also see Batman from both of those properties as well as Azrael from White Knight.

As previously announced, we’ll also see two figures from Wonder Woman 1984. There will be one in the classic costume as well as one in the new Golden Armor we’ll see show up in the film.

It’s clear McFarlane Toys has big plans for this line and we can’t wait to see where else they take it.

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