NECA at Toy Fair 2020: DC Props of all flavors

NECA was showing off all of its latest items at Toy Fair 2020, and amongst those were the first samples from the company’s new DC prop replica line. All of the props will be done in 1:1 scale, and there are some killer pieces on the way.

Here’s the breakdown so far.

Batman: The Animated Series Props

  • Harley’s cork gun
  • Batman’s grapnel gun
  • Mr. Freeze’s gun

Batman ’89 Props

  • Grapnel gun
  • Batarang
  • Line launcher

Batman Beyond Props

  • Batarang

Arkham City Props

  • Nightwing Eschrima Sticks

DC Props

  • Kryptonite

These products were shown off very early and no prices or release dates have been announced as of yet. We can’t wait to learn more about these products, though. We’re going to want all of them in our collections!