Batman: Curse of the White Knight #7 review

Bruce Wayne is not who he thought he was! The revelations were shocking in last month’s Curse of the White Knight, and Gotham’s Guardian will never be the same. But can he fight past the painful truth and save his city one last time? Find out in Batman: Curse of the White Knight #7!

Feelings and fan service


Both White Knights have put Batman and his family through the emotional wringer, and as we approach Curse’s final chapter, Murphy cranks Bruce through the rollers once more. You miss Alfred, and his heart-melting love for Bruce? We’ve got that. You like Murphy’s Harley, and how she’s become one of Bruce’s closestr friends? Prepare to have her feed you your own heart on a spoon. Sad that Gordon had to die? Yes? You know who else is sad? Barbara Gordon, and she’s about to make you sadder, and melt your heart until it’s the consistency of strawberry jam on warm toast.

It’s not all melancholy, either. Bruce stands strong before the people of Gotham as only Batman can, delivering a rousing speech to get the citizens on his side. He’s determined, focused in such a way as he hasn’t been since he was beating the stuffing out of the Joker all the way back in White Knight #1. I don’t like everything he’s saying to the people, and what it implies about the idea of Batman in general, AND if Murphy writes the word “elites” one more time, I’m going to vomit all over his beautiful inks, BUT…it still manages to feel inspiring. What Bruce ultimately does is predictable—he did, after all, promise to do it several issues ago—but it still lands with quite a bit of weight, and it feels inevitable, rather than forced, if that makes any sense.

That is, effectively, the whole issue, save for the absolute crowd-pleasing moments. You want a super-rad splash page of the Murphyverse’s Azbats suit, set against a gorgeously-inky close-up of Gotham? Boom, it’s yours. You want what is surely the most universally-loved automobile ever to grace the reality or dreams of man? Vroom vroom, baby (and it looks GOOD). I have no idea if Murphy will ever write another Batman book, or if this universe will continue in one way or another, but if next month’s issue is to be the end, then we’ve sure got one heck of a stage set before us. Can’t wait to see how it all ends up.

Recommended if…

  • You like feeling things
  • You like pumping your fist at things
  • You like Batman things


Batman: Curse of the White Knight is one step away from its last, and boy, does Murphy sure set us up for a thriller. This issue may be light on chronological progress, but it primes the emotions and the excitement perfectly as we await the final chapter. Desperate things have been done, but the most desperate may be yet to come, and I can hardly stand the wait until #8 drops next month.

SCORE: 8/10