Matt Reeves unveils the Batmobile for The Batman

The Batman - 2021 - Batmobile - Reveial - 01

Matt Reeves has shared the first images of the new Batmobile from The Batman, the upcoming 2021 film of the Caped Crusader!

The first three images of the new Batmobile give us somewhat of a feeling for the new car, and it seems to play into the rumors we heard that the car would lean on a muscle car style. This has some definite 1970s feelings to its lines. There may also be just a dash of Mad Max thrown in here as well.

As you look through the images, you also can glimpse a couple of new looks at the Batsuit, but nothing too up close.

Going by history, the revealing of a major component of a film in this way usually means it’s about to be seen in public filming somewhere. With the call for American cars in Glasgow that appeared, it seems that the Batmobile is about to hit the streets for filming in Scotland. We can’t wait to see some real world photos of it.

The Batman will hit theaters on June 5, 2021.