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UPDATE: Following feedback from the community, we have removed the individual’s photo and his name from this article.

A University City, Missouri man has been taken into custody and charged after dressing as the Joker and making terror threats via a Facebook Live video.

The accused, 48, of University City, Missouri was arrested on Tuesday night after he spent an hour live streaming his threats of violence.

“Yes I’m doing this for attention, but the attention I seek is to take over the world,” the individual said in the video. “I’m going to start killing people until this reaches a thousand (viewers), and once it reaches a thousand, I’m going to go out in public and I’m going to kill more. We’re not going to go to any movie theaters. We’re going to go totally unarmed because we don’t want to alert the authorities into thinking we might be on an actual rampage.”

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the individual streamed for over an hour which included his putting on his outfit and first attempting to go to the St. Louis Galleria, a large shopping center in the city. After he was asked to leave, he moved on to Blueberry Hill, a popular restaurant in the city.

While at Blueberry Hill he reportedly spotted the police outside before asking the bartender for a Sprite, informing them he doesn’t drink. “Yeah, I can’t be inebriated when I’m planning on, you know, killing a bunch of people,” he said. “It’s not something you can do. I’m live on Facebook right now. I’ve got like nearly 2,000 people watching me.”

“I’m not armed and I weigh 150 pounds,” he said. “I don’t have no weapons on me. I’m not going to do nothing. You’ve got me messed up. Except all these bombs,” the individual said before his arrest.

The individual was taken into custody on Tuesday night and is being held without bail for the time being.


SOURCE: St. Louis Post-Dispatch