Diamond Select Toys makes a wide assortment of DC-related Gallery statues—that’s their affordable, plastic line—but the cream of that particular crop is their GameStop-exclusive stuff. If the Gallery line has a consistent weakness, it’s paint detail, but the GameStop statues tend to have much better application.

Recently, Diamond has been pushing former GameStop-exclusives into the general retail population. I’m not sure if that’s to get through overstock, or if it was always the plan, but whatever the case, I think it’s a good thing. After all, some of those exclusives were pretty dang sweet (I’m looking at you, Black Manta), and the more widely they’re available, the more folks can enjoy them.

Another GS-exclusive has hit the mainstream, and that’s the Comic Gallery Green Lantern. Featuring Lantern Hal Jordan sporting some hard-light armor and buns that would wreck the sturdiest ship, this particular piece happens to be the only GL statue that Diamond currently produces. So, is it a worthy entry?

The design

This is where my only real complaint comes in. I don’t love the design choices here. We’ve got a Green Lantern, but the constructs on this statue are really, really boring—to the point that I would have preferred no constructs at all. The armor is a neat idea in the abstract—and something that works in the context of a comic. But when you’re buying a statue to keep on your shelf for some extended period of time, I feel like you’d want something a bit more crazy and indicative of the ring’s capabilities. I know I would. Obviously, your mileage may vary here.

Beyond that, I do like the pose and the general costume choices.

The sculpt

Like all of the Gallery statues, this one is sculpted very nicely. The only exception—and maybe this is less sculpt and more the fabrication process—is that the edges on some of the armor pieces are rough. But beyond that, Hal’s face, figure, and train-stopping dump-shaker are incredibly well-formed.

The paint

I said at the top that the paint is where these GameStop-exclusives really shine, and I think that holds here. It’s not utterly flawless, and the lines of the mask could definitely be a bit less shaky, but overall, the paint job is quite good, even in places that are typically challenges for this line, like where the raised edge of the boot meets the leg:


Whether or not you should pick up this statue really hinges on whether or not you agree with my criticism of the choice of constructs. For me, relatively flat armor and a splash of light at the ring, flowing to the widening trail of energy below—these are not what I would consider adequate means of capturing the coolness of having a Green Lantern ring. If you disagree, then you’re left with a really well-sculpted, well-painted piece, and you can’t go wrong with that kind of quality at this kind of price.


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