Doug Mahnke Batman Black & White Statue review

DC Collectibles - March 2020 - Black and White - Batman by Doug Manhke - 01

DC Collectibles presents the 99th statue in its Batman Black & White line: Batman by Doug Mahnke. This gravity-defying statue features Batman in mid-leap with his grappling gun at the ready. Showcasing Mahnke’s extensive work on Batman from the early 2000s, the Batman Black & White line wouldn’t be complete without a statue by this popular artist.

Designed by Doug Mahnke

Sculpted by Paul Harding

Limited Edition of 5,000
Measures Approximately 7” Tall
$90.00 US • On Sale March 2020 from DC Collectibles


Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke’s Detective Comics run kicked off with one helluva bang thanks to Mahnke’s image of The Dark Knight swinging through the Gotham City streets, and now that striking pose has been fully realized in 3D with this stunning 7-inch statue! I really dig the soaring pose and I’m quite impressed with the way the piece was balanced. Such a gravity-defying figure shouldn’t even be possible! Paul Harding’s sculpt is quite an accomplishment. And in addition to it being an engineering feat, it’s also quite well detailed. Every flexed muscle stands out thanks to a darker gray wash, but it’s not so overdone to be distracting. Nor is Batman so bulky that you don’t believe he could leap so acrobatically. I appreciate the classically styled suit as well. It’s a timeless look. Iconic and enduring.

Now, while I think the overall design is possibly one of my favorites of the entire Batman Black & White line, I did notice a couple of flaws that are worth noting for more cautious collectors. For one, my statue has a slightly crooked grappling hook. Hopefully this isn’t a problem on too many other statues from this limited run of 5,000. Additionally, I spotted a small bead of gray paint above the left bicep. It’s not terribly distracting, but it does stand out when the rest of the paint application is so well done.

The most important thing you’ll need to watch out for though, is the base. I talked a lot about how crazy it is that this statue’s pose was even possible… Well, with tricky polyresin sculpts comes great risk: if this thing took a shelf dive I imagine it would lose more than one limb. I wish it had a more trusty foundation right-out-of-the-box. The metal rod supporting Batman doesn’t feel all that secure in the base– you’ll probably consider gluing it into place. It should lock into position more securely. And keeping the support beam slender ensured that the foundation wouldn’t distract from the dynamic pose, but that thin support combined with the all-too-light base just doesn’t feel all that reliable. I’m sure it is if you live somewhere that never experiences tremors or if you don’t have a cat or if you don’t invite friends over that are prone to give into the temptation to touch your collectibles… but not all of us have that luxury.

So I highly recommend the statue, it’s worth the money, but I urge you to glue the rod into the base and then present it to the world safely within a display case.


I love it. It’s an iconic batman in an incredibly cool, eye-catching pose that pops all the more in black and white. I wish the base was heavier and the support beam locked into place more securely, but other than that I think you’ll be supremely satisfied.

Batman News was provided a sample of this collectible by DC Direct for the purpose of this review.


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